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Better Know a Light Fixture – SCRT-320


In 1995 LSI Industries introduced the Scottsdale light fixture and the Scottsdale Superkits. The Scottsdale utilized a vertical burn, which allowed for a high efficiency light fixture. This allowed the fixture to stay competitive as technology changed. These fixtures became a staple in the petroleum industry and can be seen in gas stations across America. There are still plenty of these fixtures still in canopies.

With the introduction of LED, the traditional metal halide Scottsdale has lost its competitive edge. It has become necessary as the Scottsdale fixture ages to either replace or retrofit the fixture. Although removing the fixture and replacing it with a new LED installation is possible, it can be far more cost efficient to retrofit it. That is where the Jarvis Corp SCRT-320 excels.

The SCRT-320 is a retrofit kit that offers the benefits of upgrading to LEDs with the combined savings of a simple installation. Watch the Jarvis Corp installation video to see just how easy it is:

The fixture has an output of 11,050 lumens and an efficiency of 107.6 lumens per watt, which has it at the forefront of Scottsdale retrofit kits.

The SCRT-320 uses a driver that has a universal input for voltages between 120V and 277V.

It is ETL listed and DLC qualified, contact your local power company or municipality to see if it is rebate eligible.

If this sounds like a fixture you might be interested in or have additional questions on, please give our sales team a call!

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