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Better Know a Light Fixture – CP3 Series




For our next fixture, we will be looking at the CP3 Series by Jarvis Corp. This fixture is their primary fixture for new installation canopy lighting. 

This fixture is built using all aluminum parts, with a white powder coat finish. It is 15.5” x 15.5” but only needs a small hole drilled for installation.

There are three different variations on the CP3 fixture and the level of light desired would determine which fixture is appropriate for your application.

The CP3-90 is the ideal choice for low hanging canopies or lower levels of light. The fixture produces approximately 7600 lumens.

The most common fixture is the CP3-120. This is ideal for most canopy situations. The fixture produces approximately 9,200 lumens.

If a lot of light is needed or the application needs a taller mounting height, then the CP3-140 is the appropriate fixture. Putting out over 12,000 lumens, this is the brightest canopy fixture Jarvis Corp offers.

The entire CP3 series is ETL listed. Both the CP3-120 and the CP3-140 are DLC qualified, so contact your local utility for rebate eligibility.

Now some of you might be looking to replace larger 1’ x 2’ or 2’ x 2’ shoebox fixtures. This fixture would work in this application; however, a patch panel would be required to mount the fixture. All that is needed for the panel are the exact measurements of the existing fixtures. Our sales team would be happy to help get something like this set up for you. 

Installation of the fixture is straightforward. Screws are provided for mounting to an aluminum canopy deck pan. Once the fixture is mounted, all of the wire connections can be made above the canopy. The LED drivers are set up to run on a universal voltage between 120-277V.

Please contact our sales team if this sounds like a fixture that you are interested in. We are always happy to answer any questions and provide any additional technical information.

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