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Better Know a Light Fixture – Cree CPY 250 Series


Flat LensDrop Lens

Another option for customers looking for a gas station canopy light fixture is the Cree CPY 250 series.

We offer four different variations of this fixture to make sure that you are getting the proper fixture for your canopy.

The first choice is what wattage fixture you would need. We offer the CPY in either an 82W or 122W. The 82W fixture is going to emit about 8000 lumens, which is better suited for shorter canopies, or canopies that need a smaller light footprint. The 122W is better suited for applications where the canopy is taller or a lot more light is needed.

An important thing to note, is that just because it is brighter, does not mean that it is better. It is important to take into account any glare that someone might experience coming into this light. We are always happy to discuss getting the proper fixture for an application, so please call us if you are not sure which wattage you need.

The second option that is available on the Cree CPY250 series is the type of lens. The flat lens is going to limit the glare from the fixture, but it will not have the same fixture visibility as the drop lens does. The drop lens will also project slightly more light out to the sides.

As always, we here at are always here to help choose the right fixture for your application. If you have any questions, please give us a call.

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