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Five Reasons to Upgrade to LED

1.  Energy Savings
One of the biggest reasons to switch over to LED is the energy savings. Using a Jarvis Corp WP3FT-90-BRZ to replace one 400W metal halide fixture will see an approximate energy savings of 77.5%.
2.  LED Life Time
Old generation metal halide fixtures require that bulbs be replaced every 1-3 years. This is not the case with LED technology. The fixtures that we carry all have estimated lifetimes of 15-20 years. With a life span that long, the energy savings will begin to make you money.
3.  Low Maintenance
This leads to the next advantage of upgrading to LEDs. With that extended lifetime, there is no maintenance. LED drivers do not burn out like metal halide ballast. Over the lifespan of the fixture, the maintenance savings alone can re pay the fixture cost.
4.  Increased Brightness
Anyone who has seen an old metal halide fixture knows just how poorly the bulbs age. They begin to dim immediately and the drop off is very steep as they age. That is not the case with LEDs. There is a slight decay, but it will still provide adequate light in the later years of the fixtures life.
5.  Ease of Installation
On top of the benefits of LEDs, one of our favorite perks about the Jarvis Corp product line up is how easy the installation is. Check out their video on the SCRT-320 to see what we mean:

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  • Cody Laughlin