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Fall Shopping Guide


We here at offer a wide range of products and sometimes it can be tough to pick which fixture best suites your need. Below is our fall shopping guide to help you make those decisions.

Jarvis Corp 60W Forward Throw Wall Pack – WP3FT-60-BRZ

The Jarvis Corp WP3FT-60-BRZ is one of the most versatile fixtures we carry. It offers a large light spread, but does not project as far as the WP3FT-90-BRZ for those situations when a fixture can be too bright.

Jarvis Corp Small Forward Throw Wall Pack - WP3S-17

The WP3S-17 is ideal for smaller spaces or areas that do not need a large amount of light. The built in photocell offers the ability to leave the fixture turned on at all times without burning too much electricity.

Jarvis Corp Gas Station Canopy Retrofit - SCRT-320

For an easy LSI Scottsdale upgrade, the SCRT-320 is a great choice. The ease of installation is a large bonus on top of the savings found with switching to LED. Check out the installation video below to see just how easy it is.


-The Team

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  • Cody Laughlin