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How Efficient Are LED Lamps?

RSS often gets inquiries about just how much more efficient LED lighting is than traditional lighting.  Because of this we created this basic guide comparing some of the models we carry to their approximate matching HID models. 

HID Fixture

Comparable LED Fixture

HID Wattage – Total including ballast

LED Wattage

Percentage of energy saved

400W Metal Halide Wall Pack

WLFT-400 Wall Pack by Jarvis Corp

465 watts

105 watts

84% more efficient

250W Metal Halide Wall Pack

60W Forward Throw LED Wall Pack by Jarvis Corp

295 watts

56 watts

81% more efficient

320W Metal Halide Canopy Light

103W Retrofit Kit by Jarvis Corp

365 watts

103 watts

71% more efficient

50W High Pressure Sodium Wall Mount

17W LED Wall Pack by Jarvis Corp

64 watts

17 watts

74% more efficient

320W Metal Halide Area Light

120W LED Area by Jarvis Corp

365 Watts

120 Watts

67% more efficient


If you’d like to know just how much savings are possible for your project please contact customer service.  The information we need to give you an accurate savings and payback calculation is the wattage of the existing lights, the number of existing lights and the cost of your energy per kilowatt hour.  We love to compute these numbers so please feel free to contact us to see just how much you can save!

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