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May Price Cuts


Thanks to our friends at Jarvis Corp.  We at WallPacksDirect, Inc. are able to lower prices going into May and the Summer Season.

Today we are highlighting our SCRT-320 retrofit kit.  This easy to install canopy retrofit kit was $249.90 in March of 2015. That is nearly a 25% price cut now available at any quantity. 

Call WallPacksDirect Customer Service at 800-701-1371 with any questions about retrofitting your canopy and saving energy with LED lights today!

New in the WallPacksDirect Line-up is the WP3FT-42

This classic style wall pack fitted with an advanced LED system is a new wattage wall pack that is comparable to a 150W HID fixture.  Keeping in line with Jarvis' high standard of quality and cost competitiveness this ETL listed fixture is just another way we at WPD are furthering our ability to meet your lighting needs.

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  • Mike Wickman