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Jarvis Corp's New WMFT Series


Introducing the WMFT series. Jarvis Corp’s new line of LED Forward Throw Wall Packs

This new Wall Pack Series employs a patent pending optic system that is concealed by the traditional Prismatic Glass Lens, ultimately giving you a more advance and efficient LED Wall Pack that still has the look and style of a traditional wall pack.  

The advanced optic system eliminates wasted lumens and light pollution by concentrating the light spread only in the area intended to be illuminated.  This allows the fixtures to run at lower wattages and lumen levels and still illuminate areas like their larger counterparts.

The WMFT series is Jarvis Corp’s improvement upon their WP3FT series.  Incorporating the same long lasting LEDs, power supplies, and pricing as the WP3FT Series but improving the optics and efficiency makes the WMFT Series a clear leader in the traditional forward throw wall pack category.

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  • Mike Wickman