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Case Study: Storage Facility (Bunnell, FL.)

Case Study: Storage Facility (Bunnell, FL.)

Let's take you down to Bunnell, FL. where you can really see what our core brand lights do. Matthew S. needed new LED wall pack fixtures to replace his old and tired 100W metal-halide fixtures. His choice: the Jarvis WMFT-100-BRZ. Matthew is in the middle of a one for one replacement of his entire facility and all of us couldn't be more happy with the results. In the pictures he provided you can clearly see the difference in the quality and range of light that you get out of LED technology versus any other HID fixture. Matthew put it best when he said, "We're very happy with them. The top things are: big difference on the visibility of the security cameras at night and a huge difference in the amount of insects. This is Florida, so they are a problem and there is a small cloud of them in front of every light except the LEDs where there are none at all!" These pictures really highlight the contrast that an effective and efficient optimized throw pattern can have on your light distribution and how an increased color temperature (the Jarvis at 5000K and the metal-halide at approximately 4,000K) allows for a richer detail in the surrounding environment for better security at your facility or work site. Not to mention the difference in Matthew's electric bill. With his old fixtures pulling 100W or more, his new WMFT-100s are pulling just 29W, which will save him thousands of dollars on his annual electric bill. And with a weather tested powder coat on a die-cast aluminum housing sealed with a borosilicate prismatic glass lens, Matthew can count on the Jarvis WMFT-100-BRZ to provide him with crisp and reliable security lighting even in the most intense of conditions. Call (800) 701-1371 and we would be happy to help you make the switch to American Manufactured, DLC Qualified LED technology.

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  • Nick Strauss