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Security Lighting: The Jarvis AR3 Series & WMFT Series


One of our top priorities here at WallPacksDirect is to provide our customers with security. Not just the security of purchasing a high quality, industry leading LED fixture, but the physical security of your site. Whether it be a parking garage, storage facility, warehouse space, or any exterior project, we know that security is an important factor.  

Check out the AR3 and WMFT Series in action with the photos and testimonials below.


"We couldn’t be happier with the area lights in the parking lot. You were right about them being interchangeable. The electricians had some trouble removing the old ones due to corrosion, but the new ones went up in a snap. They are awesome. The difference is truly unbelievable. You could read a book in the shadows out there now."

"Finally, a view of the new area lighting in the parking lot. I can even distinguish color at night on the security cameras which wasn’t even remotely close to happening before...[t]hanks again for your help, the facility is far more professional looking and secure now."

For order inquiries or fixture information email us at or call us at (800) 701-1371.

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  • Nick Strauss