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Case Study: Coastal Chevron (Ocean Springs, Miss.)

Case Study: Coastal Chevron (Ocean Springs, Miss.)

Don't just take our word for it. Here are 32 SCRT-320 units at work in beautiful fashion at dusk in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. Steven C. was so pleased with the Jarvis Corp. units that he just had to share some pictures of the install with us. We were just as thrilled and now we are sharing the pictures with you. Retrofitting his gas station canopy from metal halide Scottsdale fixtures to the Jarvis Corp. SCRT-320 was a breeze for his installers. Simply remove the existing ballast and metal halide bulb, and replace with the smart driver electronic ballast and LED fixture. They will hook up to your current wiring system. No rewiring is necessary, no drilling, and no unsightly footprint to cover up. Keep your existing lens, or nix it for the sleek flat lens Jarvis Corp. design. Not only will you notice an immediate difference in the amount and quality of light you will be getting from your canopy, but the numbers speak for themselves. Steven's existing fixtures were pulling 4800 watts, whereas the new Jarvis fixtures pull 948 watts total. This saves him over $110 dollars a month, over $1,300 a year. Make the switch Steven did and don't miss your opportunity to save money and energy with these DLC Qualified and American manufactured LED canopy fixtures today!


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  • Nick Strauss