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FTWPs in Action: Storage Facility


For this case study we take you to the heartland. This storage facility in Kansas was looking to replace their HID wall packs and outfit their site with new, energy and cost efficient LED fixtures.

This time, our house brand, the FTWP56 was up to the task. And just look at the results.

This traditional style wall pack boasts an equivalency to a 175W-250W HID fixture at a quarter of the input wattage. And with a 5000K color temperature, these fixtures can create a safe environment in the immediate area of an entry way or path, as well as cast a general security wash in the surrounding area. The FTWP56 even allows security cameras to pick up more detail.


What's more, this 250W equivalent wall pack's single unit price is $124.89 per unit, and ships for free at any quantity with discount code FTWPship. If you are looking to outfit a large facility like the one pictured here, give us a call for a quote. These units are in stock with a very fast lead time!

For more information on these and any of our varieties of LED luminaries, please contact us by email at or by phone at (800) 701-1371. 

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  • Nick Strauss