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Indoor LED Panel Updates!


A couple of months ago we introduced you to a whole new category of commercial lighting. With these indoor fixtures, you can now get the crisp, detailed, energy saving lighting that you get outdoors, and most importantly, slash your annual indoor electrical costs by as much as 75%.

In our never ending quest for the maximum amount of choice and versatility our customers can get out of our luminaries, we are happy to introduce these exciting updates for our new LED panels from ETI Solid State Lighting.

We now offer both the 2'x2' and 2'x4' flat panels with a 4000K color temperature. If you are used to a more incandescent hue in your warehouse, hallway, school, or retail store, this 4000K option will give you that warmer glow.

We also understand that not all ceilings will allow for the same install. So we are pleased to announce the addition of a surface mounting kit option for both the 2'x2' and 2'x4' panels. If you do not have a drop ceiling or cannot suspension mount these fixtures, you can now fix these fixtures directly to the ceiling with these accessories.

If you have any questions about these updates and how they will serve your future project, feel free to give us a call at (800) 701-1371 or email at We are always happy to help.

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  • Nick Strauss