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LED FAQ: Which Photocell Should I Get?


We are back with our LED FAQ series and the topic is: photocells. A dusk-to-dawn sensor, or a photocell is a great accessory to pair with our energy saving LED fixtures.

A photocell will give extra life to your fixture as it will automatically turn your fixture on when it gets dark, and turn it off when it gets light. You wont have to worry about running your fixture too much or forgetting to turn them off, as these photo controls will "flip the switch" for you.

At WallPacksDirect we like to keep things efficient, easy, and user friendly, which is why you will only find three photocell options on our website. These run the gambit in terms of any application you might need, so we have you totally covered. Having trouble figuring out which is right for you? Let's get a closer look at your options:

*WMFT-250-BRZ featuing a 120V Button Photocell*

 The 120V Button Photocell will work on any standard 120V system. It has a wattage capacity of 500W. So if for instance, you were trying to wire Jarvis WMFT-250-BRZs to one circuit, you could run 9 of those fixtures successfully off of one photocell. Or you could install one of these photocells directly inside our fixtures and run them all individually.


*WMFT-250-BRZ featuring a 120V-277V Heavy Duty Photocell*

The 120V-277V Heavy Duty Electronic Photocell is the next step up. It is a "smart" photocell and will automatically adjust to work on any system that operates between 120V-277V. Additionally, this photocell can handle a wattage load of 1000W. These can operate on a circuit or be mounted directly through our fixtures' knockouts. This Heavy Duty Photocell also comes in an HV option for systems in the 347V-480V range.

 All of the photocells are incredibly easy to install and operate on a basic three wire (hot, neutral, ground) set up. They will function with all of the fixtures that have dusk-to-dawn capability on our website.

For any further information about our photocells or if you wish to place an order, don't hesitate to call us at (800) 701-1371 or email us at And make sure to let us know if you have any questions that you would like to see answered in our LED FAQ series. See you next time!

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  • Nick Strauss