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New Indoor Fixture from ETI Solid State Lighting


Got big warehouse lighting you are trying to convert or a new indoor project with high ceilings? Look no further and don't break the bank with our newest and brightest indoor fixture: The ETI Solid State Lighting Multi-Application LED High Bay.


This 143W commercial, indoor, high bay fixture produces a lumen count of 15,000, which is over 100 lumens/watt! Its multi-tap 120-277V capability, will allow it to automatically adjust to your system's voltage. And with multiple applications, you can mount these fixtures to your ceiling in a variety of ways.

You can hang the fixture using its hook, or you can mount it to a junction box using its adjustable angle yolk-mount.

Feel free to check out this fixture and more in detail at our For order inquiries or lead times, feel free to call us at (800) 701-1371 or email us at

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  • Nick Strauss