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New Look for the WallPacksDirect Catalog: The Jarvis WPS Series


With Daylight Saving Time over and winter coming on its heels, it is getting darker faster and longer. WallPacksDirect is pleased to announce this much sought after multi-purpose fixture line  to combat the night: The Jarvis WPS series.

The WPS Series is the perfect security fixture for the perimeter of your doorway. Coming in two wattage equivalency options (50W or 125W), you can either cast a general security wash of light or get a harder, more intense illumination around your entryways. The fixtures feature a pre-installed dusk-to-dawn photocell control standard.  

The WPS series comes in two different cosmetic options, a traditional rectangular frame, or the sleek, rounded housing in order to fit any application. They are constructed with a high-grade polycarbonate housing that is resistant to shock and UV protected to resist yellowing, and feature design enhancements to seal the fixture against severe weather. The series also offers two finishes of bronze and white to blend into the siding of any building.

It's size is also an important feature. At over 11 inches long and 6 inches wide, it has been designed to cover the footprint of most traditional entryway wall packs. 

Units are in stock, and ready to ship!  Call into the wallpacksdirect sales team to ask any questions or get you WPS wall packs today! 



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  • Nick Strauss