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The WPD Lighting Solutions DWP80 LED Wall Pack


Let's take a look at one of our sleekest and more slender LED wall packs. The WPD Lighting Solutions DWP80 is under a foot tall, just over 9 inches wide and protrudes just over 5 inches off the wall. But despite its low-profile design, this fixture packs a punch in terms of illumination and features advanced optics to produce a very versatile and specialized security perimeter light throw. Combining the light patterns of a "forward throw" and a "full-cut-off" wall pack, the DWP80, offers the perfect blend of the two creating an illuminated area directly in front and down from the fixture, but also out in a semi-circular pattern from the fixture about twice its mounting height. The light throw is controlled to offer hard security lighting and then provides a semi-cut off to bleed the light intensity so as not to intrude on neighbors or roads. The fixture boasts an equivalency to a 250W-320W HID fixture but at a fraction of the energy. It pulls only 81W with a lumen count of 6,400 to produce a crystal clear 5000K day-light white wash over your illuminated area. Backed by a 5-year-limited manufacturer warranty, these fixtures are rated to last 50,000+ hours in intense weather conditions. With it's heavy-duty aluminum housing and tempered glass lens, the DWP80 is UL listed as well.

For more details, including a full spec sheet, check out the product website here:


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And here is a photo from our most recent case study:

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  • Nick Strauss