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The XBEAM LED Canopy Fixture Has Arrived

We are happy to announce the roll out of our most efficient and powerful canopy fixtures from Jarvis Lighting to date! The XBEAM Series has arrived.

The XBEAM series boasts a lumen range of 13,000lm-17,420lm, which can get you the equivalence of a 300W-600W HID fixture with a maximum LED wattage of 150W. 

With updated and enhanced optic technology called, "CrossBeam," these fixtures provide a wide and even optic throw of daylight white light at an even more controlled energy pull. These unique optics are ideal for fuel dispensers, vertical signs, and any large canopied areas.
Call, chat, or email in and ask us how this high performing LED fixture can transform your canopy, business, garage, or warehouse today!
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  • Nick Strauss