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Upgrade Your Wall Packs to LED


Time to retire those old metal halides or high pressure sodiums? Look no further than Jarvis Lighting's bestselling wall pack series, the WMFT. Just look at the performance of the WMFT-320 fixture versus these HPS fixtures at this apartment complex:


The WMFT series gives you that daylight white, 5000K color temperature, which provides excellent security detailing, not just for the human eye, but for security cameras as well. And look at the distance you can expect with the crisp security lighting from a WMFT-320:

This customer said that he, "could read a newspaper at the fence 65’ away on the other side of the parking lot." 

For more information on the WMFT series or any of our other energy and money saving LED fixtures call us at (800) 701-1371 or email us at

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  • Nick Strauss