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Save Big on LEDs with WallPacksDirect's Value Brand

We know making the initial switch over to LED is not always cheap. WallPacksDirect always strives to provide you with industry leading and competitive prices. Which is why we have launched our new line of budget wall packs, the Value Brand Series.

This new series has many options, aimed to cover all the bases. There are traditional forward throw wall packs, which range in wattage from 30W-135W, small and large Dark Sky wall packs, which control your light throw into a full cut off, and even small 15W entry way wall packs, perfect for garages and doorways. 

For information on these and more of our energy efficient LEDs, give us a call at
(800) 701-1371 or email us at 

  • Nick Strauss

WPD Lighting Solutions SALE

Making our way through Spring and with Summer around the corner we are pushing prices down on our house brand WPDLS products

These Wall Packs and Flood Lights have proven to be some of our most popular fixtures and we want to see them save you money on your next project.  

Give us a call today to discuss using these fixtures on your next project - But Hurry, limited supply and the sale will only remain while supplies last.  Call now! 800-701-1371

  • Mike Wickman

WallPacksDirect Price Updates!

In an effort to provide our customers with industry leading products at the best possible value, we are happy to announce that many of our bestselling fixtures have dropped in price!

Popular luminaries are now available for even more of a bargain such as our:

WLFT-400 now priced at $246.42

AR3-150 now priced at $356.92

and CPL-400 now priced at $246.42.

Take a look at our newly updated catalog and see what savings you can take advantage of for your next install!

As always please call us at (800) 701-1371 or email at info@wallpacksdirect for any and all inquiries. 

  • Nick Strauss

Introducing WallPacksDirect's Electrical Component Catalog

WallPacksDirect always aims to make your next lighting project, whether it is a new install or an upgrade, as easy and convenient as possible. With that aim, we are happy to announce our Electrical Component Line.

We now carry conduit straps and bodies, junction boxes, swivel mounts, and conduit connectors. These units are ready to ship in any quantity, so be sure to check out our catalog of what we have to offer.

Make your next material acquisition a one stop shop, and get your lights, sensors, mounts, and components shipped right to your hands!

For order inquiries call us at (800) 701-1371 or email us at

  • Nick Strauss

Our Brightest Fixtures Yet: The LSI XLC Series

You asked for them and we heard you. WallPacksDirect is now carrying our brightest and most powerful fixtures to date. By popular demand, we are proud to introduce the 750W and 1000W Equivalent LSI Slice LED Area Lights. 

These lights are ideal for large areas, roadways, recreational fields, and industrial complexes. Its user friendly mounting design allows this fixture to be fixed directly to the side of your square pole without a mounting tenon or extension arm. Although LSI does give you numerous options and round pole and wall mount brackets and plates are available as well.

This sleek, flat, low-profile area light comes in a plethora of variations including:

  • Bronze, White, or Black Powdecoat
  • Dimming or Photocontrol Options
  • 4000K (Warm White) or 5000K (Daylight White) color temperature
  • Various Customizable Optics Types (Forward, Left, Right Orientations)
  • Multi-tap or High Voltage

And with a lumen range of 15,000-58,000 you have optimal control over how much light you need for your project. Call in (800-701-1371) or email ( today to ask us about the perfect LSI Slice for your upcoming project.



  • Nick Strauss

Jarvis AL Video

 Check out Jarvis Lighting's new video for their AL series wall pack. 

 The AL Series is available to order on our website at this link

 Give us a call at 800-701-1371 with any questions on the AL or any other aspect of your next project, we are always happy to help! 



  • Mike Wickman